Saturday, December 13, 2003


I sure hope that somebody out there has something that might be described as a "restful" weekend. As of noon today?

I grabbed breakfast at the diner. Lou was back, and there was much rejoicing

I did my grocery shopping. One eye on the cart, the other on my watch

I had an opera rehearsal.

I ran into Jo-Ann's fabrics because suddenly I have to provide my own costume.

I saw there were eight billion people in line to get fabric measured and cut.

I hid my fabric so I could get it later (never fear, it's in the burlap family -- low demand)

I ran out of the store and drove home.

I stuffed all the birthday presents in a gift bag for my niece's birthday party.

I made one PB&J sandwich for TinyTuna, to tide her over until birthday party snackages are served.

I took a shower.

Now I need to

Finishing getting ready.

Drag TinyTuna out to birthday pottery by 1pm

Haul butt across town for a funeral.

I must say, taking these 3.5 minutes to say hello is the biggest chance I've had to rest so far today.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Catch you later!

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