Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Conversation held in the car this morning on the way to school:

TinyTuna I learned something about Hanukkah yesterday. Want me to tell you?

GreenTuna Sure.

TinyTuna I learned when the first Hanukkah was. Want to know?

GrennTuna Sure.

TinyTuna (In an authoritative Miss Bossy-Pants Voice) "Hanukkah started in 1997."

GreenTuna What??

TinyTuna (In a weakened less Bossy-Pants I think I got it wrong voice) "Hanukkah started in 1997?"

GreenTuna No, dear. It started hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

TinyTuna (defeated) Oh.

GreenTuna Where did you learn (unspoken thought: all the incorrect information) about Hanukkah?

TinyTuna In computer lab. It said stuff about the Maccabees.

GreenTuna I see.

(Note: There is currently a Maccabee fascination because her children's choir just sang a song about the Maccabees.)

GreenTuna Well, if you remember the song "Light One Candle", it is about the Maccabees and Hanukkah.

TinyTuna (Excitedly). That's right! Every night they light the mandolin.

GreenTuna What?

TinyTuna For Hanukkah! Every night they light the mandolin.

GreenTuna (Turning down the radio) They light the what? I'm not sure I'm hearing you right.

TinyTuna (Exasperated) The Mandolin. They light the Man-Do-Lin.

GreenTuna (trying very hard not to laugh out loud at her own child) That's "Menorah" dear. They light the Menorah.

TinyTuna Oh yeah. The Menorah.

So it seems we have flaming stringed instruments this holiday season. Of course, after checking out some of these Menorahs




maybe a flaming Mandolin isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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