Monday, December 01, 2003

Here in academia, it is the last week of class. This week will be particularly gruesome as many students venture into the building for the very first time, in the futile hopes of gathering materials for papers that are due on Friday. Translated: We get a lot of cranky undergrads this week. Smile and nod, that's my game plan.

It's also my last week of teaching. In theory, this would be the easy week. This would be the week when each student marches in, sings all their songs as a final run-through and leaves. I'll remove all music stands from the room because hey, the songs are supposed to be memorized by now, right? Right.....

It is also marks the start of the holiday dog-and-pony show for GreenTuna and TinyTuna. I have to sing a Christmas program tonight, the same program a week from tomorrow, and then there is this little matter of the Opera, which goes up on December 20th. It all should be just fine and dandy. My body is on strict orders to remain healthy until December 26th, at which time I give myself permission to be as sick as a dog. You'd be surprised -- this actually works pretty well. Strong will and all....

So, this holiday season, I'm getting out my big red marker and my calendar. There's a calendar full of things to do, both naughty and nice, and it is oh-so-satisfying when I get to cross one off. Let the countdown begin!
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