Saturday, December 27, 2003


GreenTuna here, reporting in from Prince Frederick, Maryland. I am in post-holiday party mode, which means I'm lounging in pajama sweatpants and a comfy shirt while I check my mail, read the news and blog. Heaven.

The party is always a great time -- too much food, lots of drink, and catching up with the relatives you only get to see once or twice a year. I'm always amazed to see my cousin. My little bitty cousin. My little bitty cousin who is now six-foot-two, and built like a tree. What happened? Well, no matter what, he will always be my little bitty cousin with blond hair who rode in the back of a pickup truck on the way to Hatteras singing "The Farmer in the Dell" for about 90 minutes straight. Hee! Memories that warm the heart and provide fodder for embarassing stories are the best.

The weather here is spectacular. If it were TunaU, the students would be laying out in bikinis right now. It hardly seems Christmas, or even winter, but I'm not complaining. Tomorrow the plan is Christmas event #3 at TinyTuna's Grandpa's House. Aside from presents and visiting, TinyTuna is especially looking forward to the light show. It's a drive-through type event and it's absolutely enormous. Even better, the cost of admission is canned goods for a local food bank, so we can have fun and help the community at the same time.

I spent considerable time this morning plowing through the web looking for details on the Pennsylvania Turnpike debacle from yesterday. Nothing. No news. No information. No bodies. Nothing. I'm seriously wondering if in the name of national security they decided to close down a portion of the turnpike which included the tunnel through the Allegheny Mountains. I'm a conspiracy theory kind of Tuna.

Speaking of conspiracy theory, the Washington DC beltway also wants me to report suspicious activity. I'd love to be a good American, or at least a helpful human, but it's a little hard to peer into cars when they are passing you at 95 mph. I'm too busy making sure we don't get killed, thank you very much.

I'm off for a little more holiday gnoshing. I think there is some suspicious activity happening over by that plate of shrimp...

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