Monday, December 22, 2003


First. The most important news of the day, is the Christmas Tree Status. Well, it's back up. Thanks to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and some unnamed Barney travesty, the tipsy tree is standing on its own once again. Who would have thought that VHS tapes were so versatile? This had better work, because if it falls again, I'm going to haul it outside and let the birds play in it for awhile. Which isn't a bad idea in and of itself.

Second. I see that the Garanimal National Security defense system has upgraded to Orange. This is not good. Orange clashes with the general holiday decor. Get with the program Mr. Homeland Security. Green and Red, maybe a little bit of white. But Orange? No. Orange is Halloween, and my calendar says I don't have to do that again for another ten months.

Third. In the land of holiday shopping, we're getting down to the wire. I had planned to sit down last night and figure out where I was and what I had left to do. Due to Christmas Tree obligations, big church, a white elephant brunch and post-opera recovery, it just wasn't going to happen last night. So tonight I'm going to sit down and figure out where I am and what I have left to do. I know I'm not done, but I'm thinking I'm close. At this point, I pray I'm not hallucinating.

Much more later.

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