Tuesday, December 02, 2003

One gig down. Many to go. It went well. The church ladies loved it. TinyTuna smiled, looked in faces and said "Thank You" with a loud voice. Yes folks, she can be trained! I was flabbergasted at the excessive spread of munchies afterwards. Them were some good eats! All in all it was just fine and they asked us to come back. Have no fear, Easter is just around the corner, right?

And now, a brief correction to an earlier post. I received a rather pointed email alerting me to the fact that I got cranberry salad recipe wrong (11.30.03). After careful checking, I must admit that I goofed. I forgot to mention wood chips, alfalfa pellets and peanut shells. Mea Culpa. MPF.

Tomorrow (Aieee Today!) is a teaching day. MPF. Off to bed.
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