Friday, April 09, 2004


A curiously positive side affect of this weeks Peep takeover is that my banner ads have finally, finally changed. Gone are the praises of the Shrub and his boys. Now my ads are dripping with marshmallowy goodness. My favorite so far is for the Marshmallow Shooter -- a bazooka type device that boasts:

Shoots Marshmallows Over 30 Feet!

Holds Up to 20 Marshmallows!

Easy Magazine Change!

Pump Action Rapid Fire!

Optical Laser Sight!

Holy Weapons of Marshmallow Destruction, Batman! If that weren't enough, coming soon is the Marshmallow Blowgun. Thank you, Thank you Marshmallow Fun Company! How did we ever last this long with you?

Warning: Repeated use of Marshmallow Gun may result in

a permanent lack of teeth as well as other cranial deformities

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