Thursday, April 22, 2004


Before moving on to new topics, there appears to be more than a little bit of cleanup to do on various topics...

American Idol

So this is what happens when I'm gone singing Schubert? America loses its ever-living freaking mind and puts up the three best singers as the three lowest vote-getters? Obviously, this makes no sense. Obviously voting is based on phases of the moon, or mind control, or personality. Yes, the personality ploy doesn't make any sense either, because the red-haired moppet doesn't strike me as being particularly personable. Elmo? Personable. Moppet? Not so much. Obviously Jennifer Hudson did NOT deserve to go, especially after Tuesday's performance.

Obviously, the voting on American Idol doesn't carry the importance of something like World Peace, but I have to imagine that if voting continues along the same lines, it could easily kill the show over the long haul. Yes, AI makes a bucket-full of money and gets great ratings. However, if the finalists and winners continue to be sub-standard performers, it will cheapen the entire franchise and reflect negatively on previous winners as well. Despite Simon's reputation for being a cranky Brit (much of which I believe is done for effect), nearly everything he says is absolutely correct, and I truly believe he is sincere in searching for quality talent. I cannot see him (or Paula, or Randy) continuing with Idol if the top vote-getters include an immature, red-headed moppet whose very best is a cringe-worthy performance of "Mandy". Someone had better look at the voting structure and make some changes quickly.

One final piece of proof that this show is headed for trouble, is this bit from a TV-Guide Online interview with last week's bootee, Jon Peter Lewis:

TVGO: What do you think of Simon's suggestion that you take singing lessons?

JPL: I haven't thought about it. The kind of music I'm into doesn't require tons of singing lessons.

TVGO: Couldn't hurt. Even the pros work with voice coaches, don't they?

JPL: I don't know if I will or not. My next step is not to get a voice coach. At this point, my plan is to work on putting out an album as soon as possible.

That kind of attitude alone should disqualify the Footloose-Elvis wannabee from the entire American Idol process. He has limited natural talent and absolutely no desire to learn any skills to fix, develop and polish what he's got. Unfortunately, I fear this attitude runs rampant among many wishing to become rich and famous singing pop songs. At the rate Idol is going, there will be nothing but a handful of William Hung-ians appearing on VH1's "What on earth were we thinking?"


Sign of the Apocalypse: Omorosa (you know you love her) has landed a bit part on the soap Passions. Thank God she won't be sullying the CBS soap-opera stronghold (unless Victor Newman chewed her up for lunch. That might be fun). In addition, Omorosa claims she is in negotiations for a TV-Sitcom. About what?? A thousand punchlines fly overhead...

And in typical six degrees of something ... my coworker just returned from a conference in New York City. Her husband shook hands with Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, who had just finished his Today Show interview and seemed determined to shake hands with everybody he saw, whether they wanted to or not.


...may finally see some action today, fingers crossed...

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