Monday, April 12, 2004

Stick a fork in me, MacDougal, because I'm done.

Today was the last go round for my singing Wunderkinds. Their final exam consisted of singing for their supper, or in this case, their grade. I'm pleased to report that not only were there no train wrecks, the entire day was fairly pleasant. The unpleasantness comes after the singing is over, and I am faced with packing all my musical belongings back into my car and dragging them all home. One stuffed trunk and back seat later, I drove the Sanford and Son-mobile home, with the back end hanging pretty dang low.

Now that teaching is done until September, I can turn my focus to several things that have been neglected. The list is endless, but I look forward to returning my house to some semblance of order. Tomorrow. Right now I'm content to meander in my hovel, doing the "I'm done" happy dance.

Tonight I'm rounding out my day with a heaping helping of The Miss USA Pageant. I'll have much more to say on this special subject tomorrow, once I have the chance to investigate what exactly it means to have a hobby of picnics.

Inquiring minds, you know.
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