Thursday, April 22, 2004

Although teaching is done for the academic year, the Tuna Dog and Pony show still have several more engagements before things settle down for the summer. Last night I had a gig singing Schubert's Mass in G, D. 167 with a couple of area high schools. Well, area if you consider an hour away to be "area". One of the reasons I took the gig was that one of the conductors was one of my earliest voice students up north. Now she's all grown up with a choral program of her own

So, yesterday afternoon, the Tuna Clan took a little scenic drive to do the concert. It was not an "as the crow flies" kind of route, as the mapquest directions had to be continued on page two. As we left the highway we had to weave our way through a large amount of farmland, punctuated by various towns and hamlets. One particularly interesting town had not one watering hole, but two, battling it out for local business. The first was the ever-popular "Corner Bar" which in the spirit of truth in advertising was indeed, on a corner. As quaint as that was, though, nothing could beat its rival. Sure, every town has a "Corner Bar" ... but how many can boast a "Down the Hatch Saloon"?

If I had a camera with me, I would have stopped. Heck, if I didn't have to sing, I would have stopped. Next time I'll try to be a better boyscout and Be Prepared, although I'm betting saloons weren't exactly what they had in mind.

The gig went fine. We buried the tenor, who was a nice guy, but between the baritone and the soprano, he never really had a chance. You can catch excerpts (no, it's not me) of my solo work in the Kyrie, Gloria and Benedictus. Next up is a Mozart Requiem in the UP. Knowing all the sights of Yooperland, the Down the Hatch Saloon may have some competition.
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