Sunday, April 11, 2004


And smile, smile, smile.

Like so many chocolate bunnies with their ears, feet and/or faces chewed off, The Peeps are history for another year. Sure, there are Independence Day Peeps, Halloween Peeps, Christmas Peeps and probably Canadian Boxing Day Peeps, but I'm all Peeped out. And that orange? Bleah. Farewell marshmallow madness. We'll see you again next Easter (March 27, 2005 for those of you playing along at home)

As for the rest of the holiday, after two church services, a copious amount of high notes, two cans of diet coke and two extra-strength Tylenol, TinyTuna and I came home and collapsed. With her cousins out of town, TinyTuna had full reign of the Easter Egg hunt, meaning no hiding eggs on a four-year old level (smack dab in the middle of the couch). As the designated egg hider, I got to be a lot tougher this year. TinyTuna did amazingly well, needing only a couple of hints. I am always relieved when they are all found. I have a fear of spending hours trying to find that last missing egg.

Speaking of eggs, have you seen the commercial for this? GramTuna mentioned seeing this commercial, and I finally saw it last night. It's kind of interesting in a "Gee, I wonder if this really works, but I'm too cheap and embarrassed to actually buy one" kind of way. I especially love the animated .GIF demonstration -- who knew Mickey Mouse had a part-time job peeling hard-boiled eggs?

After doing the Easter Egg roundup, we decided to "bust a moo" and go see Home on the Range. It was a cute movie animated in a very Warner Brothers hommage a Chuck Jones kind of way. Aside from TinyTuna telling me to wake up in the middle of the movie, it was just fine. And by the way, I was awake. I was just listening with my eyes closed in a very meditative sort of way.

One last holiday type thought -- Tonight, NBC is showing a made-for-TV movie focusing on the 9-11 attacks and the subsequent creation of the department of Homeland Security. Acknowledging that I am overly tired and cranky, I find this film (what little I've seen of it) ill-timed and fairly propagandist. I flipped by at one point and actually heard a character say "or else the bad guys will win." Oy.

I miss the days of yore when you could link the holiday to the television movie presentation. Easter used to be a family film along the lines of Sound of Music or Wizard of Oz. Tonight with choices like Homeland Security and The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour -- which after 90 seconds was too awful for words -- we opted for TLC.

It wasn't exactly the Party of the Red Sea, but for today it was good enough.

So, thanks Trading Spaces ... Bawk! Bawk!

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