Friday, April 16, 2004

Well, Blogger appears to be in somewhat of a snit this morning. It seems that all my blogger links, which have worked perfectly fine until this morning, decided that WWW was of the devil and sent all such blogger URLS straight to HTTP 404 hell without passing GO. I think (I hope) it's working now, so for those of you that I emailed this morning ... never mind.

Come to think of it, maybe this blog sabatoge is the handiwork of the Survivor Fantasy League Basement Crew! Well, I'm here to tell you your dastardly plot didn't work. I'm still in solid fourth place. Mwahahaha!

Tribe: =FistyRocks
Rank Team Name Score
1 VivaLaFisty 2390
2 buffs4vol 2333
3 Honeylife 2195
4 GreenTuna 2151
5 copssister 2015
6 The Sketch Factor 1999
7 Amazingrace 1991
8 Snappie 1928

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