Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Or Colour for my Canadian friends.

Well, here is a two-minute dose of crack for all y'all. Find your Pantone Birthday Color. My birthday month color is Green, which they claim is the color of spring (duh) and can help heal the physical body and align the spirit with wealth and prosperity. Hmph. I'm wearing green pants today, and so far...nothing. Maybe I need to steal a pair of pants from a rich person who left a billion dollars in the pocket by mistake.

My birthday day color is Mandarin Orange, aka Pantone 16-1459. MPF. The day I wear orange, mandarin or otherwise is the day I'm admitted to the funny farm. Be that as it may, my hideous day color says

Musical -- Verbal -- Tenacious. Youthful and friendly, you love to talk and interact with others. Many of you have a gift for writing or public speaking. You like to be on the move. You do need to practice flexibility as you move towards your goals. It is a combination of tenacity and agility combined with work and play that will ensure success. Your personal color helps you make the most out of every moment. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Mandarin Orange reminds you to take action and not get caught up in the world of ideas.

Whatever. However, TinyTuna's Birthday Day color is Lipstick Red: Deep -- Stimulating -- Powerful. She'd be pleased.

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