Saturday, April 03, 2004


Spring forward tonight, peeps. That means we lose an hour of sleep. This never comes at a good time, and this year is no exception. My one single solitary redundant piece of good news is that Spring Forward will not occur on Easter Sunday this year. That's always rough going. It will be bad enough tomorrow, but after I post tonight, I'm going to collapse. All my clocks? Already changed, thank-ye very much and pat pat pat myself on the back.

Too bad for me that the only way I could get my house into shape for TinyTuna's birthday was to take everything in the living room and dump it onto my bed. That's what I get for being home for a whopping ten minutes today.

Pied Piper call backs went fine. We'll find out in a couple days, I guess. TinyTuna read well and had a good time. That's all that matters, in my book. I got some sewing done during the nearly three hours I spent perfecting the art of the pancake butt.

The kidnapping to Johnny Rockets was perfection. Since we didn't leave the audition until 5pm, I was to take her straight there. The first thing I did was intentionally miss my exit on the highway. She didn't seem to notice. I got off at the second exit but then turned the "wrong way". TinyTuna asked where I was going, and I feigned dumb (no comments, thank you). I claimed I forgot where I was going, and said that I needed to go into the mall to turn around because I couldn't do it in the middle of traffic. Once we turned into the mall I claimed I needed to quickly dash to the ATM to get some cash. So we parked the car, and I said, "Hey, on our way to the ATM, let's stop at Johnny Rockets and see if we can get some balloons for your birthday party."

She shoots, she scores.

Oh, and "G" was for "Groovy Girls." TinyTuna got a Groovy Girl and a Groovy Pet.

It was groovy-liscious.

Fun was had by all, especially TinyTuna who danced Loveshack and added Staying Alive to her Rocket Repertoire. The staff shouted Happy Birthday to her, gave her a free scoop of ice cream, a Johnny Rocket pin, and a small container of Jelly Bellys. TinyTuna returned the favor by leaving a note for the staff:

Thanks for making all my dreams come true...

What a cool kid.

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