Monday, April 26, 2004


All the world's a stage, they say, and this weekend proved the point over and over again. For three days I was either on one or looking at one. Culture, culture everywhere and not a drop to drink. Or something albatrossy like that. Anyway.

Friday night we went to see The Hobbit performed by "All of Us Express Children's Theatre" -- a local organization that is theatre by kids and for kids. Over all, the kids did a great job, and of course, TinyTuna was in theatre heaven. Since I read the book sometime during the Nixon administration, I didn't remember anything about it. As I sat there Friday night, it all became clear: A single, hairy male creature, content living in a hole in the ground, reluctantly leaves his snacks to join a bunch of other single, bizzare males on an adventure, finds a fabulous ring, slays a dragon and is given an amazing gold lame jacket as a reward. I suddenly realized what a visionary J.R.R. Tolkein really was: This story is a two-hour special edition of Queer Eye for the Hobbit Guy.

Saturday afternoon, TinyTuna and I went to Johnny Rocket's for lunch after spending the morning doing yardwork. We sat (as usual) at the counter, and after she joined the crew to dance Loveshack, the waiter walked by and tossed some paper and a pen at TinyTuna. It was an application. Seriously. A real application. So, what the heck, she filled it out. Position? Dancer. When can you start? Next time I'm here. I told her to cross out "High School" and write in "Elementary School." She learned what references are, and why you can't list your mother as a reference. Reality set in as she was told to be sure to write down the day she turns fifteen. She was aghast. So on the side she wrote "I will be 15 years old on April 8, 2009. I CAN'T WAIT!"

Saturday night was the Guffman gig. Local talent at its local best. It lived up to its billing. I spent a lot of time reciting lines from the movie to keep my sanity in check. It worked. Mostly. Next year I'll bring some morning glory seeds to snack on while I'm waiting. That should keep my spirits high.

Sunday morning was the Durufle church gig and Sunday afternoon we saw a touring company performance of Oliver! Church went better than expected and Oliver was one of the best touring shows I've seen. Great set, outstanding staging, a very tight pit orchestra, and excellent singing. This is considerable praise coming from Queen NitPickypants.

I have one more gig on the horizon. This weekend I go up to Houghton, Michigan to solo with the Keewenaw Symphony in the Mozart Requiem. It should be a fun gig with relatively easy singing. Although the UP is a winter wonderland, the snow should be gone by now (!!), meaning no drunken snowmobilers outside my hotel window at all hours of the night. TinyTuna and GramTuna are coming along for the gig, which will be really nice. My biggest hurdle will be making it over the bridge....

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