Friday, April 23, 2004


Remember the game Operation where you had a bunch of little plastic bones that you had to retrieve with a pair of metal tweezers? The problem was each nook was surrounded by metal, and if the tweezers touched the metal outline the poor shmoe's red bulb nose would light up and a buzzer would sound, signifying you blew it. The box says it's "A Game of Skill!", but really it's just a matter of deep breathing, steady movement and good hand-eye coordination. Perhaps a difficult proposition for a squirrelly kid, but a piece of cake for any adult who has had a couple of glasses of wine.

This morning I need to come up with an email that combines the right amount of humor, professionalism and downright begging without seeming like I'm being a big pain in the butt. Bessie still sits sadly in my office and I NEED HER FIXED TODAY...

More wine. Less whine.

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