Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Day Two. The Peeps remain strong in their battle of the blogs. GreenTuna has been dragged to a secret northerly location, curiously decorated in plaid, and has been chained to a piano, forced to listen to songs about love that are almost 83.4789% memorized, and that would be totally memorized if it weren't for the Peeps eating the music, or the Peeps keeping them up all night or the Peeps giving them too much homework or......

On and on the pajama-clad zombies torture GreenTuna with excuses embroidered with incorrect notes and rhythms. Will it never end? Will the Peeps achieve total global domination? Once victorious, will the evil Peeps face the evil ducks in a battle for everlasting supremacy? Will this page be yellow and orange FOREVER?
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