Friday, April 23, 2004

It's Food Friday, and the Queen of all things edible, The Friday Chef says "Q is for Quick". This is awesome -- speedy food that doesn't require shouting into a clown mouth to get it. Go ahead and ask my boyfriend about quick meals -- you'll get lots of good ideas and recipes, many from The Food Network.

But what about the road less traveled? Sure, there is Minute Rice and Minute Maid, but despite the fact that the oranges drink Coke and own their own baseball park, it isn't very interesting. There is Fast Food Nation, Fast Food Nutrition and Fast Food Negligence, but that hardly seems like something fun for a Friday.

When in doubt, Go to eBay! There are currently 6848 items of fast-food related clutter just awaiting your purchase. Do you need a set of four Taco Bell talking Chihuahua's to make your life complete? Ebay has got you covered. How about a 2004 McDonalds The Dog #11 West Highland Terrier? Yes indeed. Please note this item is RARE and the the current bid is $20.57 for a hunk of molded plastic. What about two Star Wars Anakin & Jar Jar Binks Taco Bell Toys? Buy it Now! Only $4.00. But why? Does Fabio need a chew toy?

I realize that one hundred years from now when future generations are trotting out their Scrappy Doo Burger King Wind Up Toys for analysis and appraisal, I will be the one crying while they laugh all the way to the safe deposit box. I don't "get" the world of collecting, especially toys. I don't understand the joy in getting a plaything that you can never, ever play with because it decreases its value to the point where it is worth exactly what it was worth to begin with: nothing (with purchase of meal).

Give the pressed plastic a break. Play with your teeny beanies. At least use them for chew toys. Your kids and your pets will thank you. And when you're done, I beg you, please don't bring them to my house. I've been tossing this junk for years.
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